I couldn’t handle school. I just felt like it wasn’t for me. I felt like the outcast. No one understood me. So I dropped out. Don’t judge me for that, but you already are. I wanted to follow my dreams. School wasn’t for me. Well, I followed my dreams. I’m successful too. The girl I loved was still with me. The only other girl in the world that cared about me was with me. I was on top of the world. I was touching the sky. I felt good. I was the best and I wanted people to know it. People began to judge me. Telling me I’m arrogant and self centered. Why? Well because I poured my soul into my art and spoke from the heart. I didn’t let that phase me. The unexpected then happened. The only girl that truly loved me past away. The other one that I loved broke my heart. My life began to go into a downward motion. I was lost. Heartbreaks took over my life. I was still judged. I was the self centered egotistic jerkoff everyone loved to hate. Then I found another girl and I let her into my life. It’s hard to open up when you’ve gone through what I have. But I did and I loved her and she loved me. I regrettably made bad mistakes. I’m human and I learned from them. Apparently the girl that I loved, The girl that I let into my life didn’t see it that way and left me. I was heart broken again. I left. I wanted to disappear. I did just that. Now I’m back and loved by some and hated by others because I’m human and I’ve made mistakes. Mistakes of speaking my mind and mistakes of letting others into my life. I am Kanye West. I’m just like you. Human.

- Kanye West

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holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit

and I’m just over here tryna pay for some Ramen and chocolate milk

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welcome to tumblr

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—Marie Antoinette (2006)

 Just so everyone is clear, the handsome Black man tutoring Marie Antoinette is Joseph Boulogne, classical musician extraordinaire whose work influenced Mozart’s. This has been your Western music history tidbit of the day. Adieu! 

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Chevalier Joseph Boulogne de Saint-Georges

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U know u work in FASHUn when u wear all black in august BC it’s fall time @ work

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Took some soapy nudes in the shower and they’re so cute! Where is bae to receive these!!??

Bruh why tell us about them? Is this what they refer to as a thirst trap?

no, this is what they refer to as “making a text post on my blog because I want to” 

Nah this is a thirst trap

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Black Vulcan Vs Racial Profiling (x)

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